August 6, 2017


My friend Jenn just knows me. She knows when I need a break from being a mommy & just need to get out.  It is amazing how I will get a random text "do you want to go on an adventure?" and my answer is yes ! I never know how she finds these little jems but they always turn out great.  

Two weeks ago I got that text, looked at my husband and said "I know it's a Tuesday but can I go?" Of course he said yes.. so Jenn and I planned a time and picked a train station and off we went. We ended up at this resturant called Frank. They have different specials everyday and I would want to go everyday just to try them.  Their food is amazing that words can not do it justice. Not only was the food good but the atmosphere was great. They are a very laid back resturant, the waiters are dressed casual and they do not know rush you at all. I love places like that since my life is always go go go. 

I would highly recommend this place if you live in NYC or ever visit NYC. 

August 3, 2017

Clean Slate

Hey Everyone !

So I keep failing at this blog and I do not want to anymore. I know I have said that before in my head and on paper and on this blog but this time is for real. I have started a new chapter in my life and I want everyone to be part of it. 

Quick Update:
July 2016 - We found out we were preggers with baby #3 !!!
Sept 2016 - I started community college with a Paralegal major. Time to make some serious changes in my life and this is the first step.
March 2017 - Our third precious baby was born, Christian Angelo.  He is such a little turkey its unreal. He is such a happy baby that just loves to look around/play and laugh at everything and everyone.

Fast forward to present day.....

It has been such a crazy week.  I turned 30 last week and my birthday present was my 4 month old getting coxsackie and then giving it to the other two and eventually me.  Thank God everyone is fine and we are on the journey of being 100% healthy again!

My husband & I have decided together that it is our duty to be out of debt by end of this year (main goal) or at least by tax time next year.  We want to start saving and our daughter is going places in gymnastics and its going to be costing a lot of money for that.

See you soon !!!